B7 – Beskydy Seven Summits

Frenštát pod Radhoštěm

1. 9. - 3. 9. 2023

The profile of the Beskydy is unique, with so many twists and turns of deep valleys and steep hills in a small area. They are therefore ideal for this type of competition.

It involves an extreme crossing of Beskydy Javorový-Javorník under the bylaws of the open Czech Republic Championship in mountain marathon pairs. It also aims to show the general public the demands of tackling the Himalayan eight-thousand meter high peaks. The subtitle of the race is "Climb your own K2 in the Beskydy Mountains". Competitors cover a 95 km long trail with an altitude differential of 5302 meters, which is exactly what mountaineers have to face when climbing K2, the second highest mountain (8611 m), from the last village of Askole (3300 meters).