Birthplace of Sigmund Freud

Birthplace of Sigmund Freud

Address: Zámečnická 117

Municipality: Příbor

Phone No.: +420 556 722 200


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Visit the birthplace of the world-famous founder of psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud and sit back on a copper couch – at first glance the same sofa where long ago Freud’s patients gave up their secrets. The motto forged into the couch “Sit and muse, rise and go forth” will literally prompt you to sit and reflect on life.
The idea of the exhibition was conceived as a multimedia product. The entire content is based on the voice of Sigmund Freud himself accompanying visitors around his birth home. The storyboard of the exhibition comes from a caricature by Vladimír Jiránek. It provides the animated form in the opening movie that invites visitors to the exhibition and who subsequently appears in graphics in individual rooms. This animated figure of Professor Freud and the voice of the psychoanalyst, combined with a wry wit, engage the visitor while touring his birthplace.