Technical sights

Center of the traditional technologies

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CETRAT Příbor (Center of Traditional Technologies) is a ​​branch of the Museum of the Nový Jičín Region. CETRAT is located in Příbor and is focused on research and presentation of archaic technologies - especially on the processing of natural and waste materials in the past.

Radegast brewery in Nošovice

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In 1965 the cornerstone for the brewery was laid and the first batch of beer brewed in 1970. This Moravian brewery got its name from the mythical god Radegast, who medieval Slavic tribes worshiped as the god of fire, the sun, harvests and hospitality. A statue can be found on top of one of the nearby Beskydy Mountains - Radhošť.



The Museum of Engineering, Tatra Kopřivnice

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You will see the most complete collection devoted to the Kopřivnice works that later became famous as the phenomenal TATRA automobile maker. The 60 cars and trucks in all phases of development are supplemented with chassis, motors, models, design plans, trophies from tournaments, period photography and other rarities. 

Excursions in Hyundai

Visit the most modern automotive production plant in Europe!


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A guided tour of the production facility of the honey cakes called MARLENKA is available at the visitor center. You will get a unique look into the kitchen and see how the MARLENKA honey cakes, honey balls and other products are made on a unique production line. The tour will acquaint you with the history and development of the company and you will also get a chance to try all the products.