Families with children

Summer park in Bílá

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The summer park found at the ski resort in Bílá offers a multitude of fun activities for children from 2 years of age. 

5 photo points in Hodslavice

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Moravian village, where František Palacký, the greatest Bohemian of the 19th century, was born in a cottage with a wooden roof. František Palacký's Artistic Viewpoints will take you to our secret places with the most perfect view - photo points where you can become part of a work of art.

After bear paws

Under the highest peaks of the Beskydy Mountains - tourism, entertainment, local attractions, beautiful nature and endless views await you. Take six routes marked with yellow, orange, green, blue, purple and black bear paws, from the shortest 10 km to the longest 17 km. Maps available in the information center in Ostravica.

Beekeeping educational site

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A beekeeping reserve and museum were built within listed premises. The museum houses hives that include the oldest ones made of straw to the latest ones made of hardened polystyrene.