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Winter activities

Winter activities

Snow. It is sometimes not very pleasant while in the town, but romantic people and sportsmen may only go beyond the last houses here in the Beskydy region to enter the real winter kingdom.  The mountains and their foothills are matted with dozens of kilometres of tracks for runners, those for comfortable family trips as well as those for challenging cross country bouts through the ridges that evoke images of  gold-seeking prospectors in the Klondike. The Lysá Hora Magistrala is one of the morepopular routes. It is rather difficult but also more attractive for adventurers. The unique charm is provided by ridge routes with only a slight elevation leading around the Pustevny area where you can easily get on a cable car.  However, routes in the flat landscape are also interesting enough, such as the treated routes in Bílá or Ostravice. The Beskydy mountains may be also enjoyable for downhill skiers who will find there dozens of high quality ski resorts with all levels of difficulty and top quality facilities for post sport relaxation and entertainment.The joy of the youngest skiers gliding down in a slalom in  a fairy tale theme ski school is unrepeatable. 


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Total 19 facilities

Ski area - Na Čele Ostravice

There are concessions and restaurants available in the resort.

Malenovice - Hutě

The Malenovice-Hutě ski resort is located in the village of Malenovice and is situated in a mountain valley below the highest peak of the Beskydy, Lysá hora, at an altitude of 600 - 750 m.

SKI Malenovice

It has a large 720 m lift with an anchor, 850 m black slope and 1200 m red slope.

Opálená - Pstruží ski area

The lift is located in Pstruží, direction Ondřejník, with an access road from Čeladná, direction to the train station, about 1.5 km.

Ski area - Palkovice

There are two ski slopes, with the Garaventa ski lift, capacity of 700 people/hour, running between them.

Gruň ski park

A new double chair lift + 2 lifts with a total capacity of 3000 people/hour. The elevation of the courses is from 80 to 180 m, the length of the runs are 1000 m, 900 m, 2x 850 m, 500 m, and 200 m.

Kocianka - Čeladná ski area

The slope is groomed, parking lot within 150 m, concessions.

Bílá - Bumbálka - Celnica - Třeštík

Concessions at the Súkenická and Třeštík chalets. The slope is groomed.

Bílá ski area

The area has 7 ski slopes measuring from 90 to 1100 m. The area includes a snow park for snowboarding, situated on slope 5 in the southern part of the area.

Bílá - Mezivodí ski area

4 downhill courses measuring from 50 to 550 meters, with artificial snow and lighting.

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Total 19 facilities


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